What do you want to drive in LA; a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or a 1927 Bugatti? Regency Car Rentals can help you realize your desire to drive all the cool cars you want while visiting the city of Los Angeles. This site is one of the best luxury and exotic car rental service in Los Angeles. It has a huge collections of cool cars from exotic, luxury, prestigious, sports, SUVs, to classic cars and more.


How to Use an Exotic Car Rental Service in Los Angeles?

There are several conditions that you must meet to be able to rent an exotic car from Regency Car Rentals. The first and the most important condition is the either an international driving license or licensee accepted by California.

Los Angeles exotic car rental service
Los Angeles exotic car rental service

Which Drivers License Can I Use for Exotic Car Rental in Los Angeles?

Don’t worry if you don’t have an international drivers license. You can still rent and drive in LA as long as you have a valid license from the country in which you reside. Here are the basics.

You don’t need an international driving permit (IDP) as long as:

  • You’re at least 18 years of age
  • The license was issued in your country of residence
  • The license covers the type of vehicle you want to drive (car, truck, motorcycle, etc)


Here is more information on driving in the US. It may also be helpful to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles in the Los Angeles if you have additional questions or just ask your rental specialist at Regency Car Rentals.


What if I don’t Have a License or Don’t Want to Drive in Los Angeles?

Customers who do not have an international driving license can still use this service with a chauffeur or personal driver. At Regency Car Rentals we have some of the best chauffeurs in LA and Beverly Hills. They know the town and can really make your experience a one of a kind experience.

Los Angeles exotic car rental service
Los Angeles exotic car rental service

Other Requirements for Exotic Car Rental Service in LA:

Besides a license or a driver, you also have to have car insurance. You can use the insurance options offered by Regency to speed up the booking process. You will be charged an additional fee for insurance, but insurance will be very useful in handling damages to the car could be caused by an accident when you drive it.

After that you are also required to fill out a form with your basic information. Make sure you enter all the information needed. Use the personal information contained in your passport or ID. The compatibility of the data between the passport / ID card and the data you enter into the form will make it easier for you to get the car you want. Regency Car Rental will contact you, no later than 12 hours after you request a booking. You are advised to book one or two days in advance.

The last process is payment. Every car has its own price. The prices range depending on the type of car you want. So if you want an accurate estimate then it’s best to request a booking with one of our specialist.


Why Regency Car Rentals

Why should I use Regency Car Rentals when from other exotic car rental services in LA? Well, besides the collection of various luxury, sport, SUV and exotic cars we have, we also provides professional drivers who will take you wherever you want. If you request a car upon arrival into LAX. The car will wait for you at LAX 30 minutes before your arrival so you can directly go to various places upon arrival at the airport.

If you want to drive alone, Regency Car Rental will also provide Uber after you return the car. The Uber service is included in the fees you pay. Consumers will also have no difficulty getting taxis or waiting for public transportations if that is desired.

Consumers often complain about an empty tank with their rented car. Regency Car Rental will provide a full-tank car that you are ready to take anywhere. You also don’t need to return the car with a full tank. You will also only get a vehicle with the best conditions to minimize the possibility of damage to the car during use.

If you are looking for a exotic car rental service in Los Angeles then look no further then Regency Car Rentals. You can request a No Obligation quote via our website or contact us by phone or chat today.