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A Dodge Challenger SRT rental is currently available in Los Angeles at Regency Car Rentals. Guaranteed best price in Southern California.

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Rent a Dodge Challenger SRT in Los Angeles

Although renting a car is cool, have you thought to cruise around in a classic Dodge Challenger SRT while you enjoy your stay in Los Angeles? You should get your groove on with some of the best cars of our generation, and a Dodge Challenger SRT is just a perfect fit for you in Los Angeles.

This pretty car comes in two models creating some variety to suit your taste for Street Racing Technology. The 6.7L Supercharged HEMI SRT Hellcat V8 and SRT Demon V8; both with TorqueFlite and 8-speed automatic transmission can get you on the road with no worries at all. The pretty baby just got juicier with a power equivalent of 707 horses with a fitting 650Ib-ft of torque. Wow! You don’t have to squint an inch for anything because its Dual hood air extractor to fill the interiors with fresh air always and intensively illuminated AirCatcher Headlamps to show you the way to greatness. Music; Music! You don’t want to skip the feel of being surrounded by the Premium 18-speaker audio system that delivers high-quality background sounds to spice up your drive. Well, your arrival is grand as this pretty baby here shows up with its sweet black grille to match its exquisite body shape and colour. Speeding has never had better thrills; proud in its heart; the Dodge Challenger SRT holds a 340km/hr speedometer with lightweight, 4-wheel antilock disc brakes that brings you to a halt in less time than you can ever imagine.

Why Rent a Dodge Challenger SRT?

Why don’t you? With the high flying reputation that you have created, you need to beef up your stay in L.A., and you aren’t fully padded with a DC SRT Demon or Hellcat. You don’t have to worry about paying the high cost; you can rent a Dodge Challenger SRT in Los Angeles from Regency Car Rentals at an affordable price. Their broad array of exotic, classic, SUVs and luxury cars will meet your mobility needs at any time and anywhere around Los Angeles. Regency Car Rental Services offer the Dodge Challenger SRT at an affordable price and excellent client services. Your Challenger can be self-driven, or you can have a chauffeur on request. The chauffeur services at Regency are top-notch, with professional driving skills and superb communication and interpersonal skills.

You don’t have to worry about how you would grace those meetings; they are well graced as you step out of a clean Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat or Demon with or without an excellently dressed chauffeur to match your style. Regency Car Rentals got you covered on that.