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Nissan GT-R Rental in Los Angeles

The Nissan GT-R, a name that gets the blood boiling for many a car lover. This is more than just your average muscle car, as it delivers on the performance at such an astonishing level. This is a car that has taken the market by storm, with Nissan managing to outdo themselves yet again. What sets this car apart is the fact that it was not designed to pander to the normal aerodynamic demands, it was made as a force to reckoned with, setting the pace for all other cars in this decade and the next.

It has an extended rear fascia, pulling air away from the bumper and cooling the exhaust. The side skirts are reshaped to prevent air from being drawn under the vehicle. Its controls are also fluid, a combination of decades of compiled craftsmanship and perfection. The vehicle has a multi-touch screen that gives you added control over the world. On top of all of this, there is a 565 horse power engine and a twin turbo engine, making it a high-performance supercar. It is the perfect blend of both size and power, made even better by the IHI turbocharger that is attached to each engine bank. The car has an independent intake and exhaust system, with each side featuring its own catalyst, intercooler and turbocharger. This increases the airflow intake while decreasing the back-pressure on the exhaust.

Why Rent a Nissan GT-R in LA?

Well, your dream may just come true. Los Angeles is the city of angels, where dreams are made and broken, were driving takes a step forward and the roads become a showroom rather than a tool for transportation. Why not enjoy the LA roads the most with a Nissan GT-R rental that will make your visit, business trip or special occasion something to really remember?

You can live the hype as well when you opt to choose Regency Car Rentals for all your car rental needs. You get the opportunity to drive this spectacle of human creation, for a period of your choosing depending on the weight of your bank account. But don’t worry our prices will have you asking where some of the other zeros went, while you are guaranteed to smile while you leave our rental offices since we offer the best prices in all of the city on your Los Angeles Nissan GT-R rental.

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