On the Set With Gareth Emery

When Gareth Emery came to us looking for a classic car to feature in his album Isolate, we knew right away that our 1965 red Mustang would be the perfect choice. As you can tell from these images, our classic red ride did not disappoint.


On the Set With THE UFC GIRLS

Regency Car Rentals is the number one destination for car related studio shoot in Los Angeles. So it comes to no surprise that Ultimate Fighting Championship chose Regency Car Rentals when they need a classic for a promotional shoot with their beautiful Octagon Girls.

On the Set With Josh Hardwick

Josh Hardwick is a true artist and car enthusiast, which is why he came to Regency Car Rentals to obtain just the right vehicle for his short film, “Undone.” It the film Josh drives a 1965 red Ford Mustang amidst the backdrop of a dreary desert road. The film is gritty, raw, and powerful. Regency Car Rentals is is very proud to have provided one of the essential elements to Josh’s art.