Regency Car Rentals, exotic car rentals in Los Angeles, recently announced their partnership with top SoCal film location provider, A Production Locations, Inc. Together they will help ease the rental process for production companies and save film budgets thousands of dollars in rental and labor fees in the process.

Film producers know what it’s like to try to stick to a budget, but what they know even better is how easy it is to go far the film budgets originally planned. With an enormous laundry list of actors, crew, transportation, locations and equipment, it could be nearly impossible to keep within your budget, especially with continuously rising rates and union standards.
Industry leaders Regency Car Rentals (, Los Angeles’ premier exotic, luxury and classic production-car rental company and A Film Locations, Inc. have teamed up to help ease your film budgets and also relieve you of valuable time searching for other rental companies. Regency Car Rentals knows the film industry, renting high-end vehicles to major motion pictures, television and music videos since 2010.

A Production Locations, Inc. is a film location database service that is also no stranger to the film industry. With thousands of potential locations to choose from, Location scouts will save lots of time and effort sifting through their impressive list of locations.
Together, these two powerhouse rental services have taken the industry by storm.  And by renting with both companies together, production companies could save enough money to do just that.

About Regency Car Rentals

Regency Car Rentals is a leading car rental service in Beverly Hills, CA renting luxury and exotic cars, sedans, SUVs, and sports cars to the public, as well as standard car rentals. Regency also provides chauffeur, concierge and limousine services. To get a quote on rentals or services, call 1-800-847-6493.