Getting behind the wheel of an exotic car is the dream of many people. However, have you considered why not all wealthy people own exotic cars such as Ferrari, Maserati, and Bentley? There must be reasons for their decision to stick with less expensive means of transportation. Most people are shocked to find out that most wealthy people lease or rent exotic cars in Los Angeles.

Are you considering renting an exotic car or owning one? There are several factors that that explain why renting makes more sense.

Why renting an exotic car makes more sense:

  1. Cost Implication:

    Considering the expensive cost of exotic cars, renting an exotic car is not only wise but also more economical. On average, the price of an exotic car is over $200,000. What a whopping sum! Besides, the cost of running and maintaining an exotic vehicle is huge. But on top of the high cost to purchase and high maintenance. There is also a staggering depreciation to most exotic cars. So, owning an exotic car is overall a bad investment.

  2. Taxes:

    The selling price of an exotic car before adding sales tax is huge. Vehicles are taxed at their sticker price and in Los Angeles, 9.75% of the cost price is added as the sales tax. So, you are expected to pay a significant amount as sales taxes. Must you stress yourself financially or throw away money that could be used for investments when renting an exotic car in Los Angeles is much cheaper and still satisfy the desire to drive the best cars in the world?

  3. High Insurance Premium:

    Insurance companies charge high premiums for insuring exotic cars – no company would repair or replace a Lamborghini for a paltry sum. Find out from your agent how much an insurance coverage can be for a Porsche or Maserati, you would realize that renting an exotic car saves you a lot of money to the temporary use vs buying coverage for your exotic vehicle.

  4. Recurring Maintenance:

    The challenge of maintaining an exotic vehicle starts from searching for a garage that specializes in servicing and repairing high-end luxury vehicles. Besides, the spare parts of such vehicles are costly and require specialized knowledge to fix. Renting an exotic car in Los Angeles, you do not have to worry about maintenance and associated costs.

  5. High Fuel Cost:

    Exotic vehicles must be run on highest quality fuel for peak performance. The tank must be filled up with high octane gas, else, the engine could get damaged with the resultant high cost of repairs. So as a daily driver an exotic car not only requires more fuel stops but also typically has a smaller tank. Also to mention that 700+ hp doesn’t get used LA traffic.

  6. Keeping and Cleaning:

    Exotic vehicles have to be kept in a perfect condition having climate control and security away from harsh elements – the reason you do not always see them parked in driveways. Moreover, they require constant cleaning – interior and exterior, wax treatments, and more.

Don’t get us wrong we love our exotic cars. However, there are lots of benefits to leasing or renting an exotic car on occasion vs owning one. Most wealthy people tend to lease or rent an exotic car for those reasons above.

From the foregoing, it is evident that renting an exotic car in Los Angeles and allowing Regency Car Rentals handle the logistics is the way to go. Save money, try different vehicles, and get behind the wheel of the exotic cars you desire by the way of our exotic car rental Los Angeles.

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