Classic Car Tours Of Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Classic Car Tours Of Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Enjoy a private classic car tour of Los Angeles or Las Vegas for 1 to 4 guests. You will feel as if you are a star, as people everywhere wave to you while you are cruising through Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, The Sunset Strip and more.

Regency Classic Car Tours creates unforgettable cultural experiences. Life in America, and the sunny drive through the southern California hills, is something that has been depicted in film and television for decades and now you can experience this iconic pleasure with your friends and family. You will get an up close and personal look at where LA stars and locals mingle, play, dine, shop and relax. The beautiful views as well as the comfortable, roomy interior in a Classic Car are the best way to explore Malibu, Rodeo Drive, the Sunset Strip, Pacific Palisades, Bel Air, Hollywood, Santa Monica , Melrose Avenue and so much more.

All classic car tour prices include free pick up from many private residences and hotels throughout Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Any guests staying in areas outside of the LA and Las Vegas metro area can meet at a hotel or at the Regency showroom.

Classic Car Tour Details

Regency Car Rentals can customize any tour length. This Classic Car Tour includes pick-up from any Private Residence or Central LA / Las Vegas Hotel.

Rates are for 1 to 4 people per vehicle. In order to ensure your complete satisfaction, our driver will go over all the details of your itinerary at the time of your pick-up. You can choose to stop anywhere you would like and see unique attractions that appeal to you or your guests. Your itinerary will cover the most scenic and interesting areas of the Los Angeles or Las Vegas. You may choose to see as much as possible or request emphasis on particular areas, such as Hollywood, stars homes, the beaches, etc. The homes of the stars are covered in the tour and your guide will target the ones that are most visible. Stops are usually suggested but they are not mandatory, this is simply to allow you to enjoy a certain area. It is your choice if you want to stop. Our tours are created for your enjoyment and we value your input and feedback on how to improve the classic car tour experience.

All rates are based on 4 passengers per vehicle. Hotel Pick-up Your car tour includes a pick-up from any private residences and any West Side hotel (Marina Del Rey, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Bel Air, Brentwood, Venice, Beverly Hills, Westwood, and Hollywood).

If you are staying outside of the local pick-up area, you may meet us at one of the closest locations for your pick-up. Drop-offs are usually in the same location as the initial pick-up. However, you are able to request to be dropped off at other locations such as shopping district, restaurant, etc. that is within the areas of service.

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