Long Term Car Rental in Los Angeles

Long Term Car Rentals in Los Angeles


A long-term car rental is a good option for people who want to rent a car for a longer period of time. However, at Regency Car Rentals, you will find some unique options for long-term car rental in Los Angeles. Discover a new way to save your money on luxury, classic, exotic and standard rental cars with our long-term car rental in Los Angeles. We offer programs for corporate customers who need to rent vehicles for 1 week to months. Whether you are seeking a luxury, exotic, a roomy sedan or a fuel-efficient compact car, our innovative program makes it easy to get great rates on the long-term car rental that your business needs. We focus on customer service to ensure your satisfaction.

Do you need a car for two months or more? Whether you are driving a distance for your job, or perhaps enjoying an extended vacation in Los Angeles, you will love our unique car rental options. Get all the savings benefits, all the convenience, all you could ever need when renting a car for a extended period.

If you have long-term travel plans, renting a car for a month might be the perfect solution. We offer you the opportunity to save your money when you rent a car on a weekly or monthly basis. You can get a great deal on monthly car rental at our agency. With a wide array of vehicles, we make the long-term car rental in Los Angeles a great way to enjoy nicer vehicles at more a great savings.


We believe in providing complete vehicle rental solutions. For customers looking for renting an exotic car, luxury car or whatever the type and model, we can give you the great rates for extended periods, we proudly offer our long-term car rental in Los Angeles, which feature:

* Great rates

* Helpful pick-up / drop-off service

* 24-hour roadside help

* Good promotions and prices

* 100% reliability and confidence

* Vip treatment


We have a wide selection of car plus plenty of additional services and upgrades available with our long term car rental. Please make your month or longer car rental in advance, online or directly with our team to ensure your selected vehicles availability in your chosen location. Take advantage of our large selection of top quality, top brand vehicles to meet your rental needs in Los Angeles. We have convertible cars, luxury cars, exotic cars, classic cars and many more models. Give us a call to find out more about our long-term car rental in Los Angeles or to check availability.


Be careful, finding a good deal on a long-term car rental can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. First, you need to think about how long you are going to need the car. You must consider what you need the car for. Any company should be able to help you if you’re interested in a round-trip rental, but finding a one-way, long-term rental can be a little more challenging. Then there are the different perks and discounts that come with booking a long-term reservation. If budget is a primary concern for you, it’s a good idea to do your research and see which company is going to be the most affordable solution for what you need. Let us handle this, Regency Car Rental can provide you great rates and prices. We even offer a price match guarantee. We are transparent and totally reliable; our cars are also top of line and always in great condition.


Book your long-term car rental in Los Angeles with us and you’ll be amazed by how much you can save. If you are planning an extended stay in Los Angeles then you will certainly enjoy access to quality unique cars at great long term rates. With a long-term car rental in Los Angeles you can see more sights and make more memories while enjoying exclusive low rates on the best cars in town.

Weekly Car Rental

Weekly rentals can be organized for individuals and large parties. Arranging a weekly car rental is easy. With Regency airport pickup service and vehicle delivery we can meet you at a residence or hotel or have a driver waiting for you at the airport.

Monthly Car Rental

Renting a car for a month or more is option available to those traveling or living in Los Angeles or Las Vegas. The Regency fleet of vehicles available for monthly rental includes models from Bentley, Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, and more.

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At Regency Car Rentals our goal is to provide every client with an outstanding car rental experience every time. We do this by focusing on Unmatched Customer Service, the Best Quality Vehicles, and a Price Match Guarantee that ensures you always get the best value in the industry.

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