Looking for a guide to exotic car rentals in LA? Remember when people rented cars mainly for the purpose of vacation transportation? These days, things have changed. Nowadays, you can rent everything and anything for whatever reason you want. Some need an extra-large truck for that move across town. Some need a comfy hauler for a cross-country family road trip or a weekend of furniture shopping. And others crave a glamorous high-end cruiser for a fun-filled night out. Whether you are planning a business or family vacation trip, these car rental tips will help you big time.

The Working Guide to Exotic Car Rentals in LA

Surf the Net

As is the case with many purchases, you will usually find the best rates on the Internet. Shop around. Buying online will afford you the luxury of seeing what rates look like on any vehicle your heart desires, without the inconvenience of having salesperson breathing down your neck. Also, many companies offer special discounts to people who rent online. Click here for exotic car rental specials at Regency Car Rentals.  Rates will obviously vary from company to company, depending on vehicle availability, location and other factors. But rates are not the only variable to consider. Consider hours of operation, for example; some companies may close earlier on weekends. Depending on your schedule, this might be a crucial issue for you.

guide to exotic car rentals
guide to exotic car rentals

Try Weekdays

According to Regency Car Rentals, a luxury car rental provider, rates are typically cheaper on weekdays. At one company, you could rent an exotic or luxury car for a high price. But if you opt for a weekday rental, the figure could plummet to a far more reasonable price. If you have got some flexibility with your rental arrangements, opt for weekday rental. Your pocketbook will be eternally grateful.


Always Book Early

It’s not just a cliché – the early bird really does get the worm, and he usually gets it much cheaper than everyone else. Rates depend on how many vehicles the company has on the lot at the time the rental is made, so sooner is better. Reserve your car at least a week in advance.


Think Twice About Prepaid gas

Typically, renters have two choices when it comes to fuel: You can pay for a full tank of gas in advance and bring the vehicle back empty (or less than full), or you can opt to refuel it yourself just before returning it. Rental car companies suggest that paying in advance will add convenience and that the low rates offered will save you money. Well, they are right on the first part but wrong on the second. Paying in advance is an added convenience; if you want to save yourself the hassle of a trip to the gas station or avoid a last-minute rush when you are trying to make a plane, pay away. But unless you plan on using the entire tank of gas, prepaying will cause you to pay for more fuel than you have actually consumed. From a financial standpoint, prepaying is a bad idea unless you’re absolutely certain that you’ll use the full tank.

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